Use of Diamond

General Intro: Diamond leads you to truly have a lavish lifestyle. Diamond can be assumed to boost the name, popularity and aesthetic caliber of the individual. Diamond is just a popular gem creating good and removing the consequences of bad.
The auspicious diamond is the one that’s left handed with a blue tinge or one, that covers blue, and crimson rays and can be with black dots. The Diamond using a reddish or yellowish colour or tinge is reportedly favorable and beneficial for kings, governmental leaders and leaders. The Diamond with a white color is acceptable for religious, societal and spiritual works. The Diamond of yellowish color showers riches and success. The Diamond of dark colour is acceptable for those that are participated in poor professions or jobs. Girls needing arrival of sons in their mind should use an abysmal white Diamond with a minor black color. The wearer of Diamond is shielded from the negative effects of wicked spirits, and snake bites. A faulty or faulty Diamond causes great problems for its wearer.結婚戒指
It removes fearful and evil notions, improve financial requirements and blesses the native with conveniences and serenity of mind. Additionally, it cures diabetes, diseases of private and urine pieces.
Usage of stone: it needs to be worn at the next, or finger of right hand on a Friday at silver, or gold.

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